Forever Here

The flame in my heart flickers to renewed life


Shades of creation,

richly irradiant

answer my beacon

illuminate my spirit


Against the cloak of the cosmos,

embers of love burst forth with fiery perfection


Across limitless oceans of midnight space,

flares of desire spiral into eternity


Ever onward


More than maidens wept at the demise of brave Achilles,

did I shed tears of anguish at our separation


Wherever sky and earth touch ever so teasingly,

there I watch solemnly for your heralded return



I search for you,

keeper of my captivate soul


Ever onward


Hushed whispers from ethereal dreams

enrapture my spirit within a humming symphony


Entrancing memories of  a mystical rose-petal smile

draw my hopes across swirling mystic seas

beyond tangerine-dipped horizons


Ascending upon the distant shore of eternal sands,

where lavender twilight tumbles on without end


Ever onward


Lush green pastures cascade toward me

sapphire heavens drape a cool blanket across a seamless skyline

soothing breezes massage cinnamon skin


Amber eyes gaze upon radiant allure

pulsing hearts swell with resonating manna

touched by a gentle, warming glow


Held evermore in noble arms

wordlessly swearing undying loyalty


Deeper into transcendent love,

I fall


Forever here



All Text ©Lenise Lee Pubn.  All Rights Reserved.


*This is the third version of a longer piece I wrote a while back titled ‘The Dreamer’.   It’s actually a very personal piece for me…Forever daydreaming of a perfect romance, these words have become part of my wandering odyssey through life, love and writing…Ever-turbulent, so close to shore yet still so far from home…



4 thoughts on “Forever Here

    1. Hi Nevea!! Aww..thanks so much..It’s a great honor to read this compliment from an awesome author such as yourself :~)

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