These moments

This was absolutely BEAUTIFUL..sharing 🙂










Canto I

These moments that we spend love are rare

And more so dear to my heart than anything else

Haven’t I smiled, haven’t my heart sunk in real bliss?

Haven’t I spent countless hours engaged in thoughts?

Of you –of ours: How you move me love to love, to adore!

Canto II

The talks that we share – about us – always we, love

Gladdens every essence in me, and I feel quite above

All the pains and miserly of the earth, and truly I fall

Into a sea of happiness and am consumed within all

My being by a certain feeling of warmness and love!

Canto III

Haven’t I cooked for thee love and enjoyed thy company

And like a bee enjoying the nectar of the tree of mahogany

So thus I wholly enjoyed, and after a terrible break, my…

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4 thoughts on “These moments

    1. Truly heartfelt words..I couldn’t control the sweet smile that blossomed as I read them…Thanks for sharing your talent 🙂

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